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Day 2: Power Play

Fasting like Daniel isn’t just a spiritual discipline for me—it’s a whole new paradigm! I call it HSPE (think “high school P.E.”), and it reminds me how God’s people have prayed powerful prayers throughout the Bible—by being Humble, Specific, Persistent, and Expectant.

Put simply, humble prayers are powerful prayers! When we get out of the way and let God pray through us instead of giving Him our To-Do List, we set ourselves up to experience amazing things from Him. Humility is a power source for Christians!

Fasting humbles you. Think about it—you’re choosing to deny yourself food—a basic human need—to submit to God. That’s humbling! It takes you off the throne of your life and puts Him on it.

The king of Babylon didn’t understand that. In today’s reading, Daniel is brought in to read the literal writing on the wall that spelled the end of the king’s reign. The king had exalted himself above God, and God was done with this power-hungry dude.

In the world, if you want power, you must earn it, or take it. That doesn’t work in God’s Kingdom. Want God’s power? You humbly get on your knees before Him! We see His power at work changing lives, healing brokenness, giving wisdom, and granting freedom when we get out the way, realize it’s not about us, and humble ourselves before our all-powerful God.

The way to get supernatural power from God is to ask Him for it. And how have God’s people asked throughout history? Fasting and prayer.

When we sin, such as by being proud, we can feel far from God. We can feel almost like we are on the reality singing competition “The Voice” hoping that God will push His button and turn around in favor of our lives. The truth is, God never moves—He never leaves our side, and He’s already always turned toward you! Fasting and prayer is how we make room in our lives so we can experience His transformational power in our lives.

If you’re feeling far from Him and want His power to totally change your life like the world’s best total home makeover, it’s time to humble yourself and pursue Him through fasting and prayer. If you want to see Him move powerfully, get on your knees and put Him on the throne of your life.

Daniel 5:22-28

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