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Sumaiya Khatun
Jul 30, 2022
In Christianity Forum
This scientist has researched that a smart brand has perfected 2 principles: mental and physical availability. Physical availability is 'simply' about having your product within reach when the shopper is in buy mode. Mental availability, simplified, ensures that when the consumer starts thinking about buying something, he/she immediately thinks of your brand. That 'when' Sharp calls the 'category entry points'. And all things around your brand 'brand assets' . For Nespresso it is therefore important to be mentally present whenever you think of coffee. To then ensure that the shopper on the shelf immediately recognizes your brand by all kinds of brand assets, for example the unique cup. Brand assets in a Nespresso ad A perfect way to achieve this is through good old fashioned advertising. Take a look at this wonderful example of a recent commercial from them. In the first 6 seconds, the brain is overloaded with Brand Assets. Nespresso brand assets. In these 4 specific scenes I count a total of 8 brand assets. The characteristic cup The 'N' of the job function email list Nespresso logo on the machine The unique metal coffee cups that Nespresso shows again and again The last drop of coffee in the cup The glasses Nespresso always uses for their coffee The specific shape of their coffee machine George Clooney, of course And last, but not least : the famous guitar tune Coincidentally, this commercial differs tongue-in-cheek from 'Nespresso, what else?' with 'Nespresso, what more?' Otherwise we could have counted them well . The category entry point in this case is of course making a nice cup of coffee. The design of the coffee glass is also more reminiscent of a cup of coffee in a restaurant than one at home. Brand assets in a Douwe Egberts advertisement Contrast this with a recent commercial by Douwe Egberts. There you immediately see a completely different focus: Brand assets in advertising Douwe Egberts. In this ad I count 4 brand assets: A coffee maker (with filter) A pack of coffee (ground) A coffee scoop A warm mug Here too, the category entry point is making a nice cup of coffee, but with a slightly different focus: filter coffee.
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Sumaiya Khatun

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